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Membership Options to Suit All Golfers

Parkes Golf Club offers a variety of membership options for using our golf course. Whatever your level or frequency of playing golf, we’ll be sure to have something that suits you.

The following fees are for the membership period 1 January – 31 December 2024. All membership categories are open to both men and women. Pro-rata discounts apply for those joining through the year.

  • Full Playing Member $750
  • Social Playing Member $585
  • Pensioner $680
  • Sportsperson $460
  • Social Member $25
  • Junior member (U18) $50
  • Intermediate Member (18-30) $495
MembershipAnnual Fee
Full Playing$750
Social Playing$585
Intermediate U30$495
Junior U18$50
Full Membership

Full Playing & Social Playing Members

Full Playing Membership: Grants you year-round access to our pristine course, exclusive member events, and the prestigious Open Tournament. Hone your skills, build lasting connections, and enjoy full playing rights with a Golf Australia handicap. Participate in club life by attending and voting at general meetings.

Social Playing Membership: Enjoy affordable access to the course outside competition hours. No voting rights or tournament play, just pure golfing joy!

Special Membership

Pensioner & Other Sporting Club Members

Pensioner Membership: This full-access annual membership puts the club at your fingertips. You’ll feel all the benefits of joining the club and finally understand what all the talk was about! Enjoy exclusive events, classes and so much more that happens at Parkes Golf Club.

Sportsperson Membership: Open to players currently enrolled at Parkes Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union or AFL. Just provide your details and you’ll have full membership for your off-season!

Your membership will include a Golf Australia handicap, playing in competitions, access to the club and function room, and reduced social golf costs.

Juniors & Young Adults

Parkes Golf Club Welcomes Juniors & Young Adults!

Junior Member: Our Junior golf club is available for keen golfers under the age of 18. As Junior Members, the annual membership fee is greatly reduced, but our junior members are still eligible for full playing rights and a Golf Australia handicap. Get your kids involved in the great sport of golf without paying bogey prices!

Intermediate Member: Parkes Golf Club welcomes 18-30s! This membership grants you year-round access, full playing rights, a Golf Australia handicap, and the power to influence the club’s future by attending and voting at general meetings.


Popular Questions

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to drop by the Pro Shop or give us a call on 02 6862 2044

Parkes Golf Club offers a variety of membership options to suit your playing style and budget:

Full Playing Membership: Ideal for competitive players, this membership grants access to club tournaments. You’ll also receive an official Golf Australia handicap for fair play.

Social Playing Membership: Perfect for golfers who prefer a more casual experience, this membership provides flexibility to enjoy the course at your own pace. Tee times are available outside of competition hours.

Discounts: Reduced fees are available for juniors, pensioners, and individuals under 30 years old.

Parkes Golf Club membership offers various advantages depending on your playing style:

Serious players seeking competitive action can opt for Full Playing Membership, granting access to club tournaments and the opportunity to sharpen their skills alongside peers. This membership also includes an official Golf Australia handicap for fair competition.

For golfers who prefer a more relaxed pace, Social Playing Membership provides the flexibility to enjoy the course at their convenience, with tee times available outside of competition hours.

To discover the complete list of membership benefits and options, download the Membership Form. This will provide a detailed breakdown of the various membership categories and the specific perks associated with each.

Parkes Golf Club memberships follow a yearly subscription model with fees due on January 1st. Here’s a breakdown of the annual costs:

  • Full Playing Membership: $750 (ideal for competitive golfers)
  • Social Playing Membership: $585 (flexible access for casual play)
  • Pensioners: $680
  • Intermediate Members (Under 30): $495
  • Juniors (Under 18): $50

For new members: Fees are prorated throughout the year, joining mid-year incurs adjusted costs. To determine the exact fee applicable to your joining date, please download the membership form.

Parkes Golf Club welcomes new members. You can join directly without encountering any waiting lists.

Parkes Golf Club goes beyond the course itself, offering a full suite of amenities to enhance your golfing experience.

Convenience is key: Restrooms and showers are readily available to freshen up before or after a round, with additional on-course facilities ensuring comfort throughout your game.

Unwind and refuel: The club boasts a welcoming bar, perfect for socializing with fellow golfers after a challenging round. Enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant, featuring an outdoor dining area for those who prefer to soak in the fresh air.

Sharpen your skills: Before hitting the course, hone your swing and technique at the dedicated practice hitting area and nets. This controlled environment allows you to perfect your game.

The Pro Shop caters to all your golfing needs: Find a selection of food, drinks, and top-quality equipment available for purchase. Additionally, they offer equipment rentals, allowing you to hit the course without needing your own clubs.

Parkes Golf Club strives to provide a comprehensive and comfortable environment for its members, ensuring everything you need for a well-rounded golfing experience is readily available.

There is no family membership option at this time.

Membership cannot be transferred to another person.

Please call the club on 02 6862 2044 for cancellation information.

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